Thai falkenberg dating 50 plus

thai falkenberg dating 50 plus

group for that looks like this: A squadron (six ships) of capitals (battleships, dreadnoughts, or superdreadnoughts two of which in any case may be specialized SDs; accompanied. These task groups are designed with the notion that theyre modular; you plug as many as you need to match the opposing force together to form your actual task force. Nominally, theyre both fairly simple the cruiser version is functionally a squadron of BCs with a pair of CC squadrons for screen, while the destroyer version is a squadron of DDs with a pair of FF squadrons for screen. As for size and mix (And while I have some notes on hard numbers at various points in history, please forgive me for not crawling through those strictly numeric details here to avoid complications as to the whens and the wherefores and also, honestly,. These fleet stations all have associated pickets, but except in known time of war, these usually consist of cruiser-based task forces only. Building the Imperial Navy ( one ; two ; three in which we talk about the starships that compose the INs fleets, and their general disposition to fulfil the fleets missions. While the Capital Fleet is divided into a number of special-purpose flotillas, most of this strength is packed into Heavy Six, the Sixth Capital Flotilla, whose function is to be the heaviest hammer in the arsenal. Well, the main base of the Imperial Navy as a whole is Prime Base, Palaxias.

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Its for this purpose that the IN invented the Supremacy -class mobile fleet base, a multimodular self-propelled space station that comes complete with absolutely everything you could possibly need to support an IN fleet, which it has used to establish fleet bases for the directional. (If this starts sounding like a vast and overpowering mass to you, do remember that each directional fleet has to patrol or otherwise keep an eye on something like 1,600 star systems, and a star system, not to put too fine a point. In which we answer various questions such as: Where are the parts of the fleet located? The entire system has been turned over to the INs use, complete with thousand of docks, giant complexes of cageworks, entire gas-giant moons given over to shore leave, planets with metallic rings made up of containerized naval stores, moonlet-sized antimatter cryocels, dont even ask about. Ships of the Fleet, so the first thing Im going to do is suggest that you go there, and read that, which should give you a good idea of what each type is for in isolation. And so to the fourth part of our six-part series. The majority of each directional fleet is homeported at the corresponding Supremacy, from which it runs patrols inward throughout its direction to the Imperial Fringe, and back out again. To be clear about that, the INs prime base isnt in the Palaxias (Imperial Core it is the Palaxias (Imperial Core) star system. (In practice, given that cruisers and destroyers, cruisers especially, are the most flexible and heavily used types in the IN, thai falkenberg dating 50 plus its not uncommon for these task groups to end up all the same type, or with the ratios reversed, or otherwise mixed up due. The Imperial Navy has three-four more-or-less standard. Alternate versions of this may include carriers instead of traditional capitals, in which case an additional squadron of point-defense cruisers are included in the task group out front to protect the more vulnerable carriers. What mix of ship types are located at the bases? How many ships are located at the bases? In practice well, depending on what they find or need to look into, patrol commanders have been known to slice their forces down as finely as two-ship task elements to meet current needs. For additional flexibility, there are a number of fleet stations scattered throughout each direction often but not always in association with Imperial ecumenical colonies established in locations that might be considered future hot spots, require higher-level commerce protection, support interdicts, or otherwise are strategic nexuses. In practice, many of them operate alone, attached to a task force, or with an organic support squadron or two of CC/BCs.


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